The South African Wine Industry offers careers in one of four main areas of interest. These areas were identified as sub sectors by SAWIPB. The sub-sectors include careers in primary production, secondary production, wine tourism and marketing and logistics and distribution. Consider your passion, interest, experience and qualifications when deciding on a career path in the Wine Industry. Some of the occupations would require formal studies to be allowed to pursue the career, whilst others allow for the recognition of experience and offer the option to earn while you learn.

  1. Decide on a career path to pursue: Have a look at the four sub-sector options that will guide you to a career path by clicking on the icon and then reading what the career stream offers and entails.
  2. Consider the possible designations on offer in the sub-sector. Click on the various designations and consider the details.
  3. Join SAWIPB. All you need to do to join SAWIPB is to click on Login, Top Right corner of the screen, enter your details, and then read and accept the Code of Conduct.
  4. Apply for a Designation. There are many people in the industry that have skills and knowledge they have acquired through the years. A Designation is an acknowledgement that people have abilities that the industry values. People that have been working as Vineyard Foremen and Managers might for instance not have a formal qualification, but their experience and knowledge gained through the years could be recognised by awarding them the Viticulture Production Technician Designation. Learning programmes and other information sharing such as online video material aimed at specific designations will be made available to such designated people to further develop them and keep them up to date on new developments. The criteria for the various designations are listed under the four career pathways. Apply online for the designation after joining SAWIPB.
  5. Apply for Recognition of Prior Learning. People that have been working in the industry could expand their career by applying for recognition for the experience and knowledge they have gained over the years. The recognition could help to gain access to complete a qualification or be recognised for your proven ability by applying for a SAWIPB designation. The application for RPL will be available by logging in to the SAWIPB account and clicking on the Apply for Recognition for Prior Learning Tab.
  6. Apply for Learning Programmes. Joining SAWIPB also give you access to the SA Wine Learner Management System. Go to use your ID number as username and the password you used to register with SAWIPB to enter the Learner Management System. On this system you could complete a Survey, select Learning Programmes to do, and you could even download a CV once you have completed the Survey.

Explore your career options by clicking on each of the following icons to explore the careers and related learning opportunities